Delivery Information:

Shipping Methods and Timelines:

  • Standard Shipping: Tailored for the farthest corners, our trusted courier service ensures a secure expedition for your order. Craving speed? Opt for Express Shipping, with a little extra for a turbo-charged rider service available in Cebu City and neighboring provinces.
  • Express Shipping: Racing through the streets of Cebu City.

Nationwide Shipping: Exciting news! We're actively unfurling our delivery wings nationwide, and your support is the breeze beneath them.

Order Processing Time: Experience the magic of same-day delivery in Cebu and nearby provinces.

Tracking Your Order: Effortlessly track your order through our customer support on Messenger or live chat. While courier deliveries receive tracking numbers, our dedicated riders handle most orders with a touch of finesse.

Delivery Address: Precision is the conductor's baton! Ensure accurate details during checkout to steer clear of any potential delivery detours.

Delivery Confirmation: For that extra note of security, a signature may be the crescendo upon delivery. If you're off-stage, arrange for a reliable stand-in to receive the package.

Delivery Issues: Encounter any staccato notes in the delivery melody? Strike a chord with our customer service team on Messenger or live chat for a quick and harmonious resolution.

Shipping Costs: Costs ride the waves of your chosen method and destination. Easily surf through the total shipping cost during the checkout crescendo.

International Shipping: Currently navigating within the Philippines only. However, international shipping is on the horizon, and with your continued support, we're set to make it a reality soon.

Holidays and Peak Seasons: Brace yourself for longer delivery times during holidays and peak seasons. Your understanding during these times is the standing ovation of our gratitude.

Returns Due to Failed Delivery Attempts: If the delivery choreography misses a beat, the responsibility pirouettes to you for redelivery or package pickup.

Product Replacement: In the rhythm of timely delivery, substitutions may join the dance. Fear not, we guarantee they'll waltz to the same quality and theme as your original selection.

Specific Time Request: No clock guarantees here, but placing orders at least 2 days in advance for deliveries is like hitting the right note. Keep in mind that timely delivery isn't always a guaranteed encore during peak occasions.

Thank you for choosing CebuFlowersShop.Com! For any delivery sonatas, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. Your satisfaction is the standing ovation we aim for, and we're here to make it a symphony to remember.